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Intellectual  Property  Law



The Law Offices of Ronald Shea are ready to assist you with all your intellectual property law needs in the areas of patents, copyrights and trademarks.  Our patent law firm works with individuals and corporate clients to provide a full range services in the intellectual property field, including the drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications for individulal inventors and high-tech corporations.  We specialize in the preparation and filing of national and international patent applications in the electrical and electronic arts, computer science, optics, physics, the mechanical arts, and business method patents, and prosecuting those patent applications through the examination phase to the acquisition of national and international patents.

Patent law is a highly specialized field of law.  An attorney seeking to practice in the field of patent law must obtain registered with the United States Patent Office as well as a state bar.  Registration requires successfully sitting for the day long patent bar exam, which has a fixed passage rate of 35%.  Only candidates holding degrees in engineering or the sciences are permitted to sit for the exam.  As a result, patent lawyers are a breed apart, and represent the best-of-the-best in the field of law.

Our Clients Come First
Ron Shea is a Christian attorney specializing in the field of intellectual property, which covers the fields of patent, copyright and trademark law.  As a Christian lawyer, Ron established his law office with a committment, not only to provide sound legal counsel and professional services, but to do so in an ethical environment where the needs of the client truly come first.  We work more closely with our clients than the average patent law firm, and we truly listen to and understand all our client's inventive purposes. Our patent attorneys devote serious attention to each project, and take the time to do it right to maximize the commercial value of our client's intellectual property portfolio.  We represent clients in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, as well as the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Areas, including Costa Mesa and Irvine.  Our foreign associates in Europe and Japan are world class law firms, providing you access to the finest intellectual property lawyers in the world. Contact us at our Brea, California location if we can assist you in securing patent protection for your inventions, or protecting your creative labors and ideas in the areas of patent, copyright and trademark law.

 "Information is the most valuable
commodity I know."—
Gordon Gecko

If you've labored to develop intellectual property, isn't it time you protected your investiment? E-mail us today for a free initial half-hour consultation with one of our intellectual property attorneys in the areas of patent law, as well as trademarks and copyrights.